HAUSEN ELEVATORS CO. Specialized in Supplying, installation and maintenance of electric elevators , escalators & Stair Lift .

Hausen Elevators co. established in 1989 began its activities soon after the graduation of its General Manager Engineer Tarek Helwa in the faculty of Engineering Department of Communication electricity in 1987 and ending his military service .

This company is an extension  to the family activity in this business began in 1957 by both the father and the uncle of the General Manger , Engineer Tarek where he acquired full experience in elevators technique ( Technology ) , import marketing …..etc.

The company deals worldwide the following elevators marks

1. Escalators & Moving Walkways :
Hong Kong www.anlev.com
2. Complete Package elevators imported from Europe :
Electra Vitoria Spain www.electra-vitoria.com
Fupa Lift TURKEY www.fupa.com.tr
BKG GERMANY www.lifts.de
3. Complete Stair Lift imported from England :
Minivator England www.minivator.co.uk
4.  Complete plat form from Austria :
Austria www.lehner-lifttechnik.at
5.  Importal elevators (assembled locally ) Elevators Machines:
  Schindler    Spanish origin
  THYSSEN     German origin
Alberto sassi www.sassi.it Italian
  Guide Rails:    
-SAVERA www.saveragroup.com Spanish Origin
  Cabin& Landing Doors:    
-Fermator www.fermator.com Spanish Origin
  Controllers (Controls )    
  -Mik-EL   Turkish Origin
  Speed Governor    
  -PFP   Italian Origin
  ( Luxury local manufactured )
( Luxury Cabins locally manufactured or imported from Europe
Other parts (elevators accessories ) e.g. Flexible cables, towing ropes ….. etc.  all high quality European made.
Its our pleasures to present you with the confirming documents as following:
  1. Certificate of Graduation ( BSC. In Engineering )
  2. License Permits Working the field of elevators .
  3. Registration  Certificate in the building and Constriction Contractors Union.
  4. Identity Card .
  5. Registration Certificate in Sales tax .
  6. Tax Registration Card .
  7. Trading Record of the company .
  8. Importers registration Certificate .
  9. Ex- Works done by the company .
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